The aim of the CONDOR project is to develop and deploy under real conditions a new worldwide standard of surgical videos.

Like in aeronautics, this will be translated by the development of a “control tower" of operating rooms via new real-time steering, communication, recording, exploitation and automatization applications. .

This “control tower” will for instance alert the surgeon in case a problem or a variation of the initial “flight plan” is detected during an intervention. Associated to this tower, one black box per OR will enable surgeons to watch the video of an intervention after it has been performed so as to better prepare the following interventions or to better learn and correct, if needed, possible mistakes.

The project will lead to industrial products, hardware and software, open source environments and new training courses enhancing the existing range of international training courses of IRCAD and the Strasbourg IHU.

Results will be implemented in the innovative platforms for image-guided surgery of the Strasbourg IHU, both for research and training, and for clinical use, in particular outpatient surgery. The project strives to position French industrial, clinical and academic teams at the highest worldwide level, at the heart of tomorrow’s hospital.

The CONDOR project paves the way for remote steering thanks to a compressed video to remain compatible with available flows but with high quality and minimum latency.

Research conducted around videos containing metadata on the medical context will finally allow France to rank among the major actors of Big Data in the medical field. CONDOR will provide real innovations in terms of ultra-low latency video compression, automatic recognition and indexation of videos based on “deep learning” approaches relying on learning, interoperability within the OR, process analysis and training through video.

The project is led by the Institut de Recherche Technologique b <> com (Rennes, France), specialized in hypermedia, networks & security and e-health, associated with the IHU, Institute of Image-Guided Surgery in Strasbourg, Harmonic, the world leading company in advanced video compression solutions, IRCAD, world leading training institute in minimally invasive surgery, and INSERM / LTSI and UNISTRA / ICuberesearch laboratories, leading teams in digital technologies applied to surgery.